Losing Faith in Humanity

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Ashley Z
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Dumb People Who Make Facebook Entertaining - Realnonsense

Facebook is a wonderful place to keep in touch with friends and make new ones. And also, to see all t From Realnonsense

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Bruh, what in hell?? How hard-core of a biker do you have to be to do this? Is it THAT serious?

"As UPS discreetly unloaded my drum [of lube] the driver accidentally spilled it into my driveway. Any amount of cars can now fit into the garage. Funny Texts, Funny Jokes, Hilarious, Funny Images, Funny Pictures, Funny Pics, Uber Humor, Super Funny Memes, Online Reviews

Those poor children are going to get older and try this stuff and think to themselves that it tastes familiar... Then it will hit them...