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I believe this is from the 1984 NFC Championship between the Chicago Bears and San Francisco 49ers, but I don't know for sure. But something tells me that there might be a few Bears out there. So feel free to weigh in if you know that this is either from 1984 NFC Championship, 1985 regular season, or perhaps a different game. The 1984 NFC Championship was a battle of 2 great defenses. But as 49er fans will tell you (and I'm not one of them) the Bears offense forgot to show up. Bears QB Jim...
Anyone who knows their NBA history, who loves NBA history, knows who the two main characters in this photo are. The Celtics-Pistons rivalry officially started with the 1987 Eastern Conference Finals, but it was already there before that, probably since since 1984, since they had a hard fought, physical playoff series in 85. The Larry Bird Celtics, were the standard, that Bill Laimbeer and he Pistons were trying to accomplish for themselves.
The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers, I believe from the 1986 NBA regular season, when the Celtics swept the Lakers and beat them at the Great Western Forum. It's such a shame that Bill Walton didn't have stronger feet, because if he played a normal career in games and years, I think we're talking about the 2 best centers and perhaps 2 best players in NBA history, Walton and Jabbar. Walton was a 6'11, 240 pound Larry Bird. He was that great when it came to eye-hand coordination and...

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The Doctor of Sky and Dunk, Julius Erving, leading the Philadelphia 76ers, against the New Jersey Nets, at the Meadowlands Arena. Getty Images: EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - 1983: Julius Erving #6 of the Philadelphia 76ers drives to the basket for a layup against the New Jersey Nets during an NBA game in 1983 at the Brendan Byrne in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

NBA Classic

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Two beautiful, sexy, cowgirls, in black leather Wrangler jeans.
Two beautiful, sexy, cowgirls, in their black, Wrangler, leather jeans and boots.
Check out this gorgeous, sexy, cowgirl. Warning! You might want to do that with shades.


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All I know about this photo is that she's a beautiful, sexy woman, in a black leather jacket, jeans, and boots.
Two beautiful, sexy women, in their black, Wrangler, leather jeans and boots. No complaints here.
Beautiful, sexy, woman, all leathered up in her black leather jacket, leather jeans, and leather boots. Leather jeans are fairly popular with women in Europe, but have never quite caught on in America, at last outside of rock & roll and biker culture.


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This woman would be free to arrest and interrogate me anytime she wants. Just as long as she's wearing this outfit.
Don't let the baby face fool you, because this baby cutie could blow you away.
Don't let the baby face fool you, because this baby cutie could blow you away.


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I don't know this for a fact, but I believe this is also from the Bears 44-0 victory over the Cowboys, at Texas Stadium from 1985. Walter Payton had a good game. Actually, QB Steve Fuller even though he got off to a good start and Cowboys defense played well early in the game, especially the 1st quarter, played well also. He completed some passes down the field, including a TD pass and made some plays on the run. But of course its Buddy Ryan's 46 defense that was the story of this game. All...
I saw the 1985 Bears-Cowboys game from Texas Stadium, on YouTube a couple months ago. I might be in a slim minority on this and I'm not even a Cowboys fan, but I really don't believe, if you look at the two rosters that year, that the Bears were that much better than the Cowboys in 85. I think the Bears were just that great on defense in that game. It took the Cowboys 2 quarters to make any adjustments at all, against the Bears outside, red dog, blitz. Bears LB Otis Wilson (55 in the photo...
Here's a familiar scene for you New Orleans Saints fan: QB Archie Manning running for his life. Getty Images: "Quarterback Archie Manning of the New Orleans Saints runs with the ball against the Chicago Bears during an NFL football game at Soldier Field October 6, 1974 in Chicago, Illinois. Manning played for...


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Hollywood Babydoll Gloria Grahame in Odds Against Tomorrow from 1959. Her role in this film is so small (our deep loss) that I wasn't sure there would be any solid GIF's with her in the film. George Tyerbyter: Starring the incredibly talented Harry Belafonte and directed by the great Robert Wise, it’s “Odds Against Tomorrow” (1959)—an especially dark, small-budget noir heist film that packs a big wallop! In the scene above, sexual tensions run high and things get out-of-hand as the next-door..
Hollywood Goddess Linda Darnell and actor Dana Andrews, in Zero Hour, from 1957. Two Hollywood actresses that did the "I'm scared look" or the terrified look perfectly, were Ruth Roman and Linda Darnell. Maybe it's because they both had those big adorable cheeks and eyes, as well as sweet, sexy voices. Wayne Brooker: "Zero Hour 1957, Dana Andrews"
If I had to put together a list of the top 5-10 Columbo movies from the 1970s together, Lovely But Lethal would be on it. Viveca Scott (played by Vera Miles) comes off as so cute and sweet, but she's a real bad girl in the film. Vincent Price Legacy: "When Jenny Hammerton at Silver Screen Suppers was preparing her latest cuinary adventures, Cooking with Columbo: Suppers With the Shambling Sleuth, she invited friends and fellow Columbo fans to te…

Hollywood Goddess

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As an Agnostic, I must say I love this message about #religion and #morality. As a Liberal of course I believe in Freedom of Religion, but that it should always be voluntary and never forced on anyone. And that no one needs to be religious to be moral. Julie Anne Monroe: "Empathy people, empathy!!"
This is a great quote for anyone on social media: you know you're winning the debate and discussion when your opponent can no longer contradict you and instead goes personal to try to make up for their lack of an argument. #Socrates, is damn right about this.


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Redskins (as we still call them) QB Sonny Jurgensen, handing the ball off to RB Larry Brown, probably in 1970-71, because the Redskins had yellow helmets for those two seasons, as well as 1969. Playing their arch-rival Dallas Cowboys at RFK Stadium. Getty Images: "Sonny Jurgensen Photos and Premium High Res Pictures"
As much as I like and respect and believe you could argue you that #DeaconJones is the best all around DE of all-time, he didn't belong with the #Redskins. He played too long and should've retired with the #LosAngelesRams.


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