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Hollywood Goddess

Classic Hollywood Actresses
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French and #Hollywood Babydoll #BrigitteBardot, back in black, as well as a goddess in black.     "So Vintage Patterns: 1960s PAULINE TRIGERE Slim Evening Dress and Jacket Pattern McCalls 6030 Glove Fitting Slim, Low U Shape Neckline, Button Back Jacket So Bardot Style Bust 36 Vintage Sewing Pattern"
#Hollywood and Scottish Stud #SeanConnery, with Hollywood and French Babydoll #BrigitteBardot, in 1968. They did a movie together.   "Amazon: BRIGITTE BARDOT AUTOGRAPHED 8x10 COLOR PHOTO+JSA WITH SEAN CONNERY"
Happy Birthday, to #Hollywood and French Babydoll #BrigitteBardot. A woman who still refuses to age.   "Retro Goddess Happy 80th birthday Brigitte Bardot"


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Don't let the pussycat appearance fool you: #CatWoman is evil and #JulieNewmar, played her perfectly.   "Daily Express Julie Newmar is set to voice catwoman in new animated series ..."
As someone who has an actual pussy cat, you have to love #Hollywood Goddess #JulieNewmar as #CatWoman.   "Julie Newmar 🕶🔥 | unforgettable in 2019 | Batman, catwoman, Julie ..."
#Hollywood Goddess #JulieNewmar is a pussy cat, but #CatWoman is a bad girl. LOL   "Batman Wallpaper Media Batman Wallpaper Media: Happy Birthday Julie Newmar!!"

Julie Newmar

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#Hollywood Goddess #LyndaDay, in the 1983 TV movie Mortuary. She reminds me a lot of Tuesday Weld: that cute and beautiful.   "IMDB Lynda Day George in a scene with actress Mary Beth McDonough from the 1983 movie "Mortuary." | TV oldies in …"
#Hollywood Babydoll and Goddess #LyndaDay, in I believe the 1971 pilot episode of #Cannon. She was a cure for a depressing rainy day, who could bring sunshine to places that have never seen it before.

Lynda Day

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Barbara Rush

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#Hollywood Goddess #JanetLeigh, in #Harper from 1966: she plays Lew Harper's ( played by #PaulNewman ) wife in the movie.   "Janet Leigh in Harper (1966)"

Janet Leigh

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#Hollywood Babydoll #PamelaTiffin, in #Harper from 1966: she really was like the little girl in this movie as far as age and maturity level.   "Pamela Tiffin in Harper (1966)"

Pamela Tiffin

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#Hollywood Goddess #RuthRoman, in #MaraMaru from 1952. One of her best movies and roles. Great film noir. Mike's Take On The Movies: "The boat goes through plenty of sabotage along the trip. Radios go down and the compass gets rigged as our leading players jockey for domination over the others. When the chips are down, sides will have to be taken and decisions made as to the final destination of the diamond studded treasure."
#Hollywood Goddess #RuthRoman, with Leo Caroll and #RobertWalker, in #StrangersOnATrain from 1951.   #AlfredHitchcock, always had one beautiful woman in his movies that brought people (perhaps especially guys) to watch his films. Ruth, is the only reason I need to see this great movie.   Listal: "Leo G. Carroll, Ruth Roman and Robert Walker"
#TomorrowIsAnotherDay with #SteveCochrane and #Hollywood Goddess #RuthRoman. Saw this movie last night: I absolutely love Ruthie Roman. ( As I call her )   "RareFilm Tomorrow Is Another Day (1951) 2"

Ruth Roman

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The #JamesBond and Miss Adorable #UrsulaAndress, in #DrNo.   They're only about 5 years apart in age, but she was so cute in this movie that they could've played father-daughter.   From The Place.
The Goddess that was sent down from Heaven to the Caribbean in #JamesBond's #DrNo, was #Hollywood Goddess #UrsulaAndress.    Michael Hebel: "Ursula Andress:Honey Rider Dr.No"
#SeanConnery and #UrsulaAndress: the Dynamic Duo from #JamesBond's #DrNo.

Ursula Andress

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Italian and #Hollywood Goddess #GinaLollobrigida, is a woman that I would like to know a lot more about.   "The Telegraph Gina Lollobrigida in row with son over fortune"

Gina Lollobrigida

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#Hollywood Goddess #LindaDarnell and actor #PaulDouglas, in #ALetterToThreeWives from 1949. They had really good comedic chemistry in that movie. IMDB: "Linda Darnell and Paul Douglas in A Letter to Three Wives (1949)"
#RichardWidmark, #Hollywood Goddess #LindaDarnell, and #SidneyPoitier, in #NoWayOut, from 1950. Easily one of the best movies for all three of them.   Film Noir: "No Way Out (1950): Is it a question or an answer?"
No wonder why #Hollywood Goddess #LindaDarnell, was so adorable. Found on Google Images.

Linda Darnell

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#Hollywood Goddess #VeraMiles, guess-starring with #MikeConnors on #Mannix in 1969.   She was absolutely gorgeous and yet adorable at the same time, and then that voice as well. She was also a hell of an actress.   TV Maze: "Return to Summer Grove - Mannix S03-E03"
I was searching online last night for photos of #Hollywood Goddess #VeraMiles, on the pilot episode of #Cannon from 1971 with #WilliamConrad and this is the best that I could do. Actually, it was the only photo that I could find of her, but even in black and white you can see how cute and beautiful she really was. And she was a helluva actress as well.

Vera Miles

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#Hollywood Babydoll #GloriaGrahame, in #TheBigHeat (1953) before she drank too much coffee. LOL   Miss Adorable having a lot of fun. I'm sure Burt Reynolds could appreciate that. LOL   From the Rosey Doux.
#Hollywood Babydoll #GloriaGrahame in #TheBigHeat, from 1953. I believe this is her first scene in the movie. Miss Adorable making her first appearance.   TCM: " Big Heat, The (1953) -- (Movie Clip) Just Impersonations First scene for usually blonde, and now Academy Award-winner (for The Bad And The Beautiful, 1953) Gloria Grahame, as gang-moll Debby, with thug boyfriend Vince (Lee Marvin), sidekick Larry (Adam Williams) and their boss Lagana (Alexander Scourby) in Fritz Lang's The Big Heat....
#Hollywood Goddess and Babydoll #GloriaGrahame and perhaps the best actor who has ever lived in #HumphreyBogart, starring #InALonelyPlace from 1950. One of Bogie's best movies, because his character was so real and complicated. Someone who seemed dangerous and yet had this vibe about him that kept people from leaving him.

Gloria Grahame

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One of the best looking and funniest #Hollywood Babydoll's ever, #MitziGaynor.   "Albany Daily News Mitzi Gaynor Then & Now! | Albany Daily News"

Mitzi Gaynor

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#Hollywood Goddess #SeanYoung, with her beautiful and adorable smile.   "Moviefone 'Blade Runner' Actress Sean Young Sought In Laptop Burglary"

Sean Young

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Italian Goddess #ClaudiaCardinale, was Italy's gift to #Hollywood and America in the 1960s. And appeared in several Westerns in America.   "Cinema Retro CLAUDIA CARDINALE...STILL GOING STRONG"
Italian Goddess #ClaudiaCardinale. If it wasn't for some woman named Sophia Loren, ( perhaps you've heard or her as well ) Claudia would definitely be The Italian Goddess. When you think of gorgeous, sexy, and baby face she's towards the top of all 3 of those lists.
Italian and #Hollywood Goddess #ClaudiaCardinale, in #DontMakeWaves from 1967. Aw, she was so adorable in her big hat.   "Classic Driver Oh, and Sharon Tate, of course, who plays a skydiver by the name of Malibu: she's the one who gives Carlo artificial respiration when he's knocked ..."

Claudia Cardinale

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How would you like #Hollywood Goddess #JacquelineBisset, waiting on you on an airplane?   She played the head stewardess in #Airport1970, a very entertaining movie. One of the first exciting, all-star cast Hollywood disaster movies from the 1970s.   "Listal Jacqueline Bisset"
#Hollywood Goddesses #JacquelineBissett and #AngelinaJolie: damn, they make a gorgeous duo.   "Certified Pop Angelina Jolie Striped Dress"
#Hollywood Goddess #JacquelineBissett and Hollywood Stud #SteveMcQueen in #Bullitt from 1968. How would you like to go home to Jackie, after a hard, long day of chasing and catching bad guys.   "IMDb Jacqueline Bisset and Steve McQueen in Bullitt (1968)"

Jacqueline Bisset

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For some reason I always get the urge to watch #TheApartment, when it's cold and wet outside. Maybe that's because of #JackLemmon's cold in the movie. Or because #ShirleyMacLaine is so adorable that want to give her a hug.   "Giphy  Shirley Maclaine GIF - Find & Share..."
#Hollywood Babydoll #ShirleyMacLaine, will be one of #TCM's Stars of The Month. Well-deserved.   "New York Post TCM Classic Film Festival carries on without Osborne"
#Hollywood Babydoll #ShirleyMacLaine and actor #JackLemmon in #BillyWilder's #TheApartment. Two of the best and funniest comedic actors ever.   "The New York Times The Apartment"

Shirley MacLaine

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#Hollywood Stud #SteveMcQueen and #Hollywood Goddess #AliMacGraw, in #TheGetaway from 1972. She was so cute in this movie. And this is one of McQueen's 3 best movies.
Does this look like the face of a hardcore criminal: because that's exactly what #Hollywood Goddess #AliMacGraw played in #TheGetaway, from 1972.   "Style in Film: Ali MacGraw in The Getaway | classiq.me Style in film Ali MacGraw in The Getaway-6"

Ali MacGraw

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#Hollywood Goddess #JeanneCrain, in #DangerousCrossing from 1953. Her facial expressions, are really what stand out in this movie: she was so beautiful, so adorable, and like any other great actress, so believable. "The Motion Pictures: Dangerous Crossing- 1953"
I've seen #DangerousCrossing maybe 10 times now and I love the movie more every time I see it. #JeanneCrain, was so adorable and convincing in this movie.   "Rare Film  Dangerous Crossing (1953) Joseph M. Newman, Jeanne Crain ..."
#Hollywood Goddesses #LindaDarnell, #AnnSouthern, and #JeanneCrain in, #ALetterToThreeWives. One of the best movies for all 3 actresses.   "The New York Times A Letter to Three Wives - NYT Watching"

Jeanne Crain

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#Hollywood Goddess #DorothyMalone, in #TheLastVoyage from 1960.   The only thing that I didn't like about her role in this movie, is that she was trapped under a wall for most of the movie and not moving around.   Otherwise she was beautiful and adorable as always and did a great job playing a woman who believed that she was dying on a sinking ship.   Mike's Take On The Movies: "The Last Voyage (1960)"

Dorothy Malone

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It's hard to believe that a woman this adorable and beautiful, could be a serial killer, but that's exactly what #DianeBaker played in #StraitJacket, in 1964.   "FamousFix Strait-Jacket - Diane Baker"

Diane Baker

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