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Pablo Escobar - Biografia do narcotraficante

These bizarre photographs capture the former home of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, which has since been turned into a surreal land of fairground rides and strange artifacts.

Pablo Escobar dressed as a Mexican Bandit

Cocaine baron: Pablo Escobar, dressed as his hero, the outlaw Pancho Villa, in an undated file photo

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Pablo Escobar, this is my land as far as the eye can see, don't come her without an invitation or you will.

Pablo Escobar and his cousin Gustavo Gaviria dressed as gansters while visiting the museum of the FBI in Washington D.C. 1980s

Pablo Escobar and his cousin, Gustavo Gaviria, dressed as gangsters, while visiting the Museum of the FBI (which no longer allows tours) in Washington D.

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