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Amazing handcrafted table from brooklyn to west

Ariele Alasko started her own woodworking business from salvaged wood she dumpster dives for in Bed-Stuy. Photo: Ariele Alasko Ariele Alasko is a dumpster diver. She seeks out discarded wood in Bed-Stuy, where she also lives, and turns it into one-of-a-k

150 Isolated Food Chalk Kit #design #psd #DOWNLOAD

150 Isolated Food Chalk Kit I think that people love visuals for food- as a huge foodie with MANY foodie friends I can assert this, actually. Having a chart like this of the menu, categorized by page would be creative AND endeavoring.

Un décapsuleur mural :-)

What would make it perfect is a trap door or sliding bottom for easy emptying- An awesome DIY bottle opener, perfect for outdoor parties. It even collects the bottle caps. Ideal Father's Day gift or project to make with Dad.