Quebrada Las Gachas - Santander, Colombia

The "jacuzzi's" of Quebrada Las Gachas, Santander. You like bathing, but the Hotel pools are to crowded for your taste? In Santander you can bathe in a natural little jacuzzi pool and enjoy the quiet nature Setting around.

Guatape, un colorido pueblo de Colombia presidido por una enorme roca conocida como El Peñol y un embalse que rodea toda la zona.

Guatape, a colorful town of Colombia dominated by a huge rock known as El Peñol and a reservoir that surrounds the area.

Santuario de las lajas, Colombia. www.flights24.com

Santuario de Las Lajas (Sanctuary of the Stone Slabs), Columbia. Had no idea a place like this existed in South America

Salento, Colombia - Valle de Cocora, this view makes the trek worth it.. and don't forget the hummingbirds!

Salento, Colombia - Valle de Cocora, this view makes the trek worth it. Don't forget the hummingbirds!

Cafe de Colombia

Who remembers the big Cafe de Colombia campaign?Juan Valdez was a fictional character who has appeared in advertisements for the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia and did you know his mule had a name?

Eje Ambiental - Bogota, Colombia

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Guajira, Colombia

Manaure park at La Guajira Colombia,South America, a nice vacation.

Cathedral, "El Señor de los Milagros" Buga Plateia.co #ValoralaIdentidad #PlateiaColombia #Colombia 3turismo #tourism

Cathedral, "El Señor de los Milagros" - by Diego Rios formally Guadalajara…