Claudia Aguirre López

Claudia Aguirre López

Claudia Aguirre López
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Elegant garden wedding that is the definition of goals: Photography: Jessica Burke -

I think deep down in each of us there's a little piece of our heart that wants to get married in Napa. Especially if Beaulieu Gardens is a part of that pretty picture. This classically elegant day

Studio Home Office Space

I really need a new/smaller/not falling apart desk. And I need to do something to define my office space now that my "office" is just in my bedroom:: fun desk space. wire basket drawers under office design ideas design

So easy to make this desk... I just forget how easy these diy projects are!

Dolman Sleeve Lace Panel Dress French you should buy this! fun retro workspace want it in my room! Desk Top Idea Home office.

Creative workplaces. Why do they always have one focal luxury that I don't -- huge windows/natural lighting??!

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