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Forgotten Emaciated Dog Lives 4 Long Years Alone On Chain Tethered To A Tree

For four long, lonely years, a precious dog sat tethered to a heavy chain attached to a tree.

Turns Out, Helsinki Airport Uses Dogs To Sniff Out Coronavirus And It’s Faster Than Lab Testing

Are adorable, fluffy doggies going to be the ones to help save humanity from the global pandemic?

Dog Adopted Orphaned Opossum Many Years Ago, And Still Carries Him Wherever She Goes

Sadly, opossums are at a high risk of getting hit by cars, since they cross..

Turns Out, Joe Biden’s Dog Major Will Be The First Shelter Dog To Live In The White House In History

On Saturday, after days and days of waiting for the election results, thousands of people went out to the streets..

Man Comes Up With Ingenious Way To Help Depressed Blind Pup Get Happy

Caring for a blind dog can be a challenge, but devoted owners of blind pets know that time

Nervous Dog Was So Scared — Until People Found Out Why He Was Hurt

Watch this nervous dog tucked in a corner learn to trust when he gets a cheeseburger 🍔💛

10 Breeds That Stay Puppies The Longest

Puppies are adorable, playful balls of energy, and it can be a little sad when your puppy grows up. All dogs grow up eventually, but some breeds stay in a “puppy phase” longer than others. Based on playfulness, difficulty with training, and time to become fully grown, here’s a list …

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antwal5261 on eBay

Chewy Dog Treats: Premium Dog Supplies For Your Dogs and Puppies – Chewy Dog Treats LLC

Chewy Dog Treats: Premium Dog Supplies For Your Dogs and Puppies

Chewy Dog Treats: Premium Dog Supplies For Your Dogs and Puppies – Chewy Dog Treats LLC

If Your Dog Breed Is On This List, Make Sure You're Cleaning Their Ears Weekly!

According to Nationwide Pet Insurance, ear infections were the top reason people visited a veterinarian in 2016. This painful condition could be alleviated if dog owners were more consistent about caring for their dog’s ears, such as frequent inspections, and weekly cleanings. Which Dog Breeds Get The Most Ear Infections? If your dog …

Warning For Small Dog Owners After Bird Of Prey Attacks Pup

A small-dog owner is warning others after her tiny Yorkie experienced a scary close-call with a large bird last week. It may seem like the kind of strange event that is unlikely to happen to you and your dog, but that’s exactly why she wants to warn others to remain …

Couple Gives Up Their Dream Wedding To Ensure Terminally Ill Dog Can Be There To Celebrate

One of the best things about your big day is spending it with the people you love most. For one UK bride, that person was actually a dog. Estelle and Daniel Harris had their hearts set on a beautiful spring wedding in May. But when they got news that their beloved …