Colombian coffee, the best!!

That’s why handpicking coffee beans is essential and part of the highest quality coffee in the world – Colombian coffee.

Rachael T, with her extensive knowledge of public holidays, has just informed us that every day is a holiday in Colombia (national, regional or local)!

Al says Medellin is now home and if you are scared to come to Colombia, don't be. He says he feels safer living in Colombia than he did in Atlanta, Georgia.

Cumbia Dancers at Barranquilla Carnaval, Colombia  ~by vamoscolombiatour,

Cumbia dancers at Barranquilla Carnaval in Colombia. Barranquilla's Carnival is Colombia's most important folklore celebration, one of the biggest carnivals in the world. The carnival has traditions that date back to the century.

Cali, Colombia - Must go.

Colombia a paradise in South America, so full of beautiful women, magical places and the best coffee in the world!

Cali, Colombia. A beautiful afternoon.

cali colombia - my first vacation spot! Born there and i cant wait to visit again!