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Free Printable Guided Imagery Script for Visualisation Meditation

Listen to this episode from EQ MINDS: Recharge Your Mental Health on Spotify. This 10 minute guided visualization meditation helps you manifest your goals for your dream life, by using the third eye and your intentions to guide your subconscious mind.

20 Practical Meditation Tips for Beginners - Resilient

The most important habit I’ve formed in the last 10 years of forming habits is meditation. Hands down, bar none. Meditation has helped me to form all my other habits, it’s helped me to become more peaceful, more focused, less worried about discomfort, more appreciative and attentive to everything in my life. I’m far from perfect, but it has helped me come a long way. Here are 20 practical meditation tips for beginners.

How do I meditate? - Law of Attraction Health

How do I meditate? This is one of the most frequent questions that I am asked and also the most challenging. While it may seem simple to be able to just give you instructions on how to meditate, I feel that if you really want to incorporate meditation into your life, then there are some important aspects you may want to consider. Meditation is beneficial for so many aspects of our lives. It can help to improve your physical health, it can relieve you of stress and anxiety, it can help…

Mindfulness Guided Meditation Scripts For Self-Regulation

Looking for an easy way to implement mindfulness with your students? These 30 guided meditation scripts are a great, no prep way to help your students be calm, focused, and productive. Students will reflect on various experiences and use mindfulness to stay in the present! They are great to use in t...

Guided Relaxation Script: Thankful Heart on the Lazy River

The Thankful Heart on the Lazy River guided relaxation focuses on simply being grateful for our daily lives. Read to your child in a calm voice before bed.

Free Guided Relaxation Script: Lakeside Meditation

In this guided relaxation meditation, we will help your child release worry, sadness and stress. Create a peaceful atmosphere and read aloud.


Easy Emotional Fitness Training Exercises Exercise number one: The One Minute Meditation (The OMM) Breathe in slowly to a count of five. Hold your breath for a count of five. Breathe out slowly to…

Breathwork: Techniques to Reduce Stress & Improve Cognition

Tried meditation and just couldn’t get your brain to stop working? Breathwork might be better for you. Reduce stress with these tips from expert Josh Trent.

Guided Meditation for Anger and Big Emotions ⁠— Green Child Magazine

In this guided meditation for anger and big emotions, you will teach your child how to remain peaceful and calm even as he experiences these feelings.

Guided Relaxation: Happy Heart

Anytime we feel sad, we can check in with our heart. We can choose to surround ourselves with a beautiful glowing light to bring ourselves some comfort during that time.

Mindful Meditation E-Book

Download this e-book to understand why we meditate, how to meditate, and the different types of meditation. This e-book is completely FREE. BONUS: Video Training

Using Essential Oils During Meditation

Using essential oils during meditation helps calm your mind, refocus your energy, and promote healthy, positive contemplation.

Pebble Meditation for Kids : Happiness in Four Pebbles | Dawn Selander

Pebble Meditation was created to teach kids about the qualities of happiness. These qualities are assigned to pebbles that are held during the meditation.