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President Obama Ordered the CDC to Study Gun Violence and the . Pro Gun, Saturday Memes, Just In Case, Just For You, Gun Rights, Gun Control, 2nd Amendment, Hand Guns, Obama

Obama shoots blanks on gun control

President Obama shot himself in the foot over gun control but you probably haven`t heard much about it. The president has been a staunch supporter of gun control for his entire public career. In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, he called on Congress to pass gun

The Amendment - Gun Rights - Zombies and or humor Michael Moore, Thats The Way, That Way, Wyoming, Just In Case, Just For You, V Video, Liberal Logic, Stupid Liberals

Why New Gun Control Laws Don't Work

Gun Control laws sound great on paper, but unfortunately, gun control laws won't work. They create a false sense of security and do nothing from stopping the criminals that intend to break them

Support the Amendment! Another Pinner said: Do anti-gun politicians really think making us helpless will reduce crime? Are they really that dumb? or do they think WE are? Pro Gun, Thats The Way, That Way, We The People, Good People, Thing 1, Gun Rights, Gun Control, 2nd Amendment

Gun facts and thoughts. More laws don't fix bad people. They break laws all day every day, making more laws will just mean that they will be breaking 2 or 10 more laws before lunch every day.

Guns are not the problem in this world, it's people. A gun is a tool. It can be used for good and evil. Pro Gun, The Words, Great Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Motivational, Gun Quotes, Life Quotes, Life Sayings, Pseudo Science

Britain has KNIFE take-backs, y'all xD Take our guns and we'll be British: oppressed by the government we elected, overrun by Muslims, and terror attacks will be just another news story.

The Second Amendment is a right, not a privilege. Self defense is a right everyone has Shall Not Be Infringed, Gun Quotes, Life Quotes, Pro Gun, By Any Means Necessary, Bill Of Rights, Gun Rights, Dont Tread On Me, Get Shot

It's a Human Right to be able to protect yourself. If you want to die instead, you go right ahead.

Results of gun control. 4 gun control cities make that much difference in the stats. That also means that if guns were allowed everywhere, we would be the safest nation on the planet. Thats The Way, That Way, Just In Case, Just For You, Gun Rights, Civil Rights, Out Of Touch, 2nd Amendment, Way Of Life

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Myth:The reticle is not covering more or less of the target, it is simply adjusting for magnification. The value never changes, if it’s a .13” thick reticle, it’s always that. It is not “growing”. So backing off the magnification is not reducing the area covered.

The Amendment - Gun Rights - Zombies and or humor Illuminati, Truth Hurts, It Hurts, Religion, Pro Gun, War On Drugs, Gun Rights, 2nd Amendment, Common Sense

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