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100 Gift Ideas For Teens Did you know if you draw on a lightbulb with a sharpie it'll decorate the walls with your designs.Did you know if you draw on a lightbulb with a sharpie it'll decorate the walls with your designs. Light Bulb Art, Painted Light Bulbs, Light Bulb Crafts, Lamp Light, Diy And Crafts, Crafts For Kids, Diy Crafts For Teen Girls, Cute Diy Crafts For Your Room, Room Decor Diy For Teens

Did you know if you draw on a lightbulb with a sharpie it'll decorate the walls with your designs. The possibilities...

Here are some funny videos of funny dogs. Hope these funny dog videos will make you laugh. A funny dog always cheers me up. So check out these dog . Haha Funny, Funny Cute, Funny Dogs, Funny Animals, Cute Animals, Funny Memes, Funny Chihuahua, Funny Videos, Silly Dogs

Bored? Draw eyebrows on your dog and laugh until his next bath.. hahahha I can't stop laughing

Here are some bizarre and random things that have actually happened. 106 year-old vet caught an escaped tiger with his belt. The More You Know, Good To Know, Weird Facts, Fun Facts, Tips & Tricks, Random Things, Crazy Things, Random Stuff, Funny Stuff

18 Bizarre and Random Things That Have Actually Happened

Believe it or not, Shawn Timothy Nelson was a U.S. Army veteran and unemployed plumber who stole an M60A3 Patton tank from a United States National Guard Armory in San Diego, California, and went on a rampage on May 18, 1995, destroying cars, fire hydrants, and a recreational vehicle. Continue readi

By Rebecca Frankel Best Defense Chief Canine Correspondent Stubby's story begins much the same as so many other war dogs -- as an orphaned puppy… War Dogs, Sergeant Stubby, Military Dogs, Military Service, Vintage Dog, Service Dogs, Working Dogs, World War I, Four Legged


Sgt. Stubby fought in 17 battles in WWI. He was in the trenches in France for 18 months, survived being gassed and went on to warn his unit of incoming gas attacks and artillery shelling; he located wounded soldiers, and helped capture a German spy. After the war, he was the Georgetown Hoyas’ mascot.

Civil War veteran Samuel Decker built his own prosthetics after losing his arms in combat. Date unknown.--How did he build his own prosthetics AFTER losing his arms? Mechanical Arm, Civil War Photos, Ex Machina, Medical History, Interesting History, American Civil War, World History, History Online, Vintage Photographs

F r o w z y I n d u l g e n c e s

Samuel Decker was a Civil War veteran who built his own prosthetics after loosing his arms in combat.

 Cleopatra’s Kingdom, Alexandria, Egypt. Lost for years, the royal quarters of Cleopatra were discovered off the shores of Alexandria. The Egyptian Government plans to create an underwater museum and hold tours of the site. Ancient Egypt, Ancient History, Ancient Ruins, Ancient Greek, Bbc History, Ancient Art, Sunken City, Underwater City, Underwater Restaurant


WOW, just plain WOW sitasays: “Lost for 1,600 years, the royal quarters of Cleopatra were discovered off the shores of Alexandria. A team of marine archaeologists, led by Frenchman, Franck Goddio,...

Victorian Gold with Emerald and Enamel Poison Ring . - Victorian Gold with Emerald and Enamel Poison Ring - Emerald Ring Gold, Emerald Jewelry, Gold Jewelry, Turquoise Jewelry, Jewelry Box, Silver Necklaces, Crystal Jewelry, Beaded Jewelry, Jewelry Wall

Estate Jewelry: The Horror

This 18k yellow gold “Scorpion” necklace, ca. 1978, was created by Italian designer Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co. The necklace, which is formed of interlocking segments, has a detachable tail, so that just the scorpion claws can be worn as a collar. It’s an iconic piece, and typical of the stri

Fish Amulet / Egypt / 1800 BC Ancient Egyptians called fish amulets like this nekhau and gave them to young girls to wear as a charm against drowning. Some scholars suggest that such amulets functioned by aversion, that is, a reminder of a watery environ Ancient Egyptian Jewelry, Egyptian Art, Antique Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Ideas Joyería, Bijoux Art Deco, Diy Schmuck, Ancient Artifacts, Archaeology

Fish Pendant | Middle Kingdom | The Met

A fish pendant features famously in an ancient Egyptian tale that is part of what we now call the Westcar Papyrus. It describes how young, beautiful women, wearing only "nets," rowed a king across a lake

Royalist Army Deserter Hand Brand Branding tools were sometimes used to permanently stamp or tattoo army deserters or criminals. This hand-shaped example was made by the British Army during the English Civil War The branding tool bears. Roi Charles, King Charles, Medieval, Maleficarum, Branding Tools, Interesting History, British History, Macabre, Fantasy

Hand brand, for use on felons or deserters, England, 1642-1649

ico Design

ancient-serpent: “ Enamelled gold memento mori ring (British Museum) “A ‘memento mori’ is a reminder of the inevitability of death, and intended as an incentive to lead a good Christian life. A skull. Renaissance Jewelry, Ancient Jewelry, Renaissance Art, Antique Rings, Antique Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Memento Mori Ring, La Danse Macabre, Vintage Magazine


Collection online showcases more than four million of the Museum's objects. From Indigenous clothing and Mexican skulls to necklaces made of dolphin teeth, this is one of the most extensive online museum databases in the world.

sixpenceee: “ This is a Momento Mori Ring. Memento mori is a Latin phrase meaning “remember that you will die.” It also describes mourning jewelry and trinkets popular from the through the Cluster Ring, Memento Mori Ring, Antique Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Gothic Jewelry, Antique Rings, Antique Gold, Vintage Clothing, Mourning Jewelry


Skull side of a memento mori ring, late 17th century. Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

The mysterious coffins of Arthur’s Seat / National Museum of Scotland Voodoo Dolls, Little Boxes, Weird Facts, Macabre, Coffin, Archaeology, Vintage Photos, Creepy, Scotland

The mysterious coffins of Arthur’s Seat

I was recently in Edinburgh for the really incredible Sensualising Deformity conference, and while there I was reminded of my one of my favorite museum objects, in the National Museum of Scotland: the mysterious little coffins of Arthur's Seat. In 1836, five boys were hunting rabbits on the north-eastern slopes of Arthur's Seat, the main…