Bogota, Colombia

Bogota, Colombia *Candelaria, the Old Town in Bogota. Fantastic architecture and wonderful people.

Montserrat, Bogota, Colombia, we also rode the gondolla to the top of this mountain that overlooks the vast city of Bogota

Montserrat, Bogota, Colombia - closed my eyes on the gondola ride up - but loved the view once I was at the top!

Been here! Bogota, colombia

BOGOTA ITINERARY Bogota is the capital city of Colombia . In Bogotá we find different tourist sites .

El Carmen Church - Bogota, Colombia

Top-10 Historic churches in Bogota

El Carmen Church is just one of the beautiful buildings to see in Bogota, Colombia.

Monserrate, Bogotá, Colombia

Monserrate, Bogotá all the things of colombiaaa

Plaza de toros. Bogotá

Plaza de toros. Bogotá

One of the tallest buildings in South America.  Bogota, Colombia

One of the tallest buildings in South America.

Colombia 🍺

Colombia 🍺