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The power of massage.  Boyfriend said Sunday that when I rubbed his feet, his whole body felt better! The power of Massge School. :) Oven, Insects, Insect Bites, Calendula Benefits, Cancer, Health, Salud, Ovens, Health Care

Calendula Benefits & Uses for Skin, Insect Bites, Anti-Cancer & More - Enterson

Flora Stewart, who had her portrait taken the year before her death in 1868, was a house slave in New Hampshire during the Revolutionary War. Interesting History, Interesting Stories, American Civil War, George Washington, Black Women, Vital Records, Black People, African Americans, Londonderry

Flora Stewart, aged 117 years, of Londonderry, N. at the age of It is thus recorded in the published vital records of Londonderry. This Flora Stewart was liberated from slavery about

Danielle "Black Barb Women In History, African American History, Black History, Black Man, Black Girls Rock, Sai Ram, African Americans, Alvin Ailey, Black Barbie

Danielle "Black Barbie" Revlon died of aids 1999 was a highly noted Alvin Ailey dancer and was a great Broadway singer - AIDS does not discriminate.

Jezebel spirit is on these sisters who do not know who they are Black Love, My Black Is Beautiful, History Facts, Jezebel Spirit, Black Pride, Know The Truth, African American History, Black People, Black History

Rain drop Drop top Comparing black women and making one seem lesser than the other just because they're different needs to stop stop

Was the sundance kid really a black man?

Was the sundance kid really a black man?

Blackamoore Saints (europe) Black Artwork, Black Artists, Black History, Art History, European History, European People, History Facts, Black Women Art, Black Girls

People of Color in European Art History

medievalpoc: “ ughsocialjustice: “ girljanitor: “ innocent-bystanders-inc: “ nudiemuse: “ princelesscomic: “ girljanitor: “ Self Evident Truths S. Ross Browne ” Ummm…I am so VERY into this right now! ” But Black people in period or fantasy.

Are You Starting To Get It Now?! Crimes against the REAL black Hebrew Israelites of the bible. All bible prophesy #HebrewIsraelites spreading TRUTH #ISRAELisBLACK Black History, History Facts, History Photos, Darren Wilson, Usa Website, My Black, Black Man, Social Justice, White People

Racism racial profiling police brutality White supremacy police abuse mike brown ferguson john crawford when will this nonsense end?

The more we entertain the notion this behavior is somehow humorous we condone it as normal behavior. Dick Gregory, Black Pride, Black History Facts, Black History Month, Pan Africanism, African American History, American Art, Ratchet, Black Power

#BlackLivesMatter: blacklovealways

too many pages supporting this foolery. I'm interested in uplifting my Black Kings and Queens .laughing and reposting means u agree with the BS.u shouldn't find the movement of the degradation of your people as entertainment

The way we should be Black Love, My Black Is Beautiful, Black Men, Snapchat, African Americans, Black Pride, Twitter, Memes, Black People

Blacks spend 9 billion dollars during the Christmas season and on average spend more than others on things that don't have any value or equity

REAL ISRAELITES ARE NEGROES SCATTERED TO THE FOUR CORNERS OF THE EARTH DEUT. 28 Black History Facts, Black History Month, Black Hair History, Black Power, Native American History, African American History, American Indians, World History, Jewish History

Saying all black people come from Africa is a misconception! Africa was the throne from which we ruled the planet. For we are the FIRST inhabitants EVERYWHERE!

Ahaya Asher Ahaya is Israelite power!! Which will be fully restored under Yashyah Christ, our King Tribe Of Judah, 12 Tribes Of Israel, Bible Truth, African History, Torah, Black Hebrew Israelites, Bible Scriptures, Learn Hebrew, Black History Facts

Ahaya Asher Ahaya is Israelite power! Which will be fully restored under Yashyah Christ, our King

Yes. That's it in the simplest terms for the idiots who need to retort with "all lives matter." in a world of white privledge, this is exactly the response most poc expected. Black Lives Matter Quotes, Love Facts About Guys, White People, Sociology Quotes, Mic Drop, Social Justice Quotes, Equality, Human Rights, Women's Rights

'Black lives matter' is a response to 300 years of rampant inhumane, racist 'Black lives don't matter' attitudes. Jane Elliot, a brave, honest and courageous woman