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a pencil drawing of a fish in the water
Marine Life Drawing for Art Enthusiasts
an old violin sitting on top of a table next to a chair and framed photo
an old wooden box with tools inside it
Lot 1069 - A Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson Carpenters
an owl statue sitting on top of a block of stone in front of a wooden wall
Watchful Owl - The Green Man Tuinverbeelding
an old wooden chest with brass hardwares on the top and bottom, sitting on a red velvet cushion
an old wooden box filled with lots of tools
Collectable Toolboxes for sale | eBay
a wooden cabinet with several compartments and tools on it's sides, in a room that has wood paneling
Handtools Chest Empty |Woodworks|
a person holding a wooden spoon in their hand with the handle extended to reach it
Spoons for Hunger is Back!
four different types of spoons are shown in this diagram, with the same size and color
Hans Karlsson tools
a man is working with woodworking tools and hammers on a wooden frame in front of him
Woodworking Hand & Power Tools & Accessories