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Обложка программы "Бал-сказка" ,1901г.-худ. И.Билибин Story Tale, Fairytale Art, Russian Art, Cuento Popular, Ivan Bilibin, Russian Fashion, Folklore, Children's Book Illustration, Mythical Creatures

Gamayun: According to Slavic mythology, a proverbial bird with a human face, herald of the gods, Artist: I. Bilibin " (И. Also called Alkonost/Sirin.

  Style Folklorique, Ivan Bilibine, Gray Wolf, Cuento Popular, Wolf Drawings, Children's Book Illustration, Book Illustrations, Russian Folk Art, Golden Apple

In Russian folklore and fairytales the Firebird is a magical glowing bird from a faraway land, which is both a blessing and a bringer of doom to its captor. The Firebird has its origins in the Slavic mythology.

Ivan Bilibine (1876-1942) Fantasy Illustration, Ivan Bilibin, Folklore, Art Nouveau, Fairy Tales, Product Description, Artist, Russian Style, Painting

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Ivan Bilibin (Иван Билибин), 1900 for the tale "Vasilisa the Beautiful"

Mushroom Giclee Print by Ivan Yakovlevich Bilibin at Ivan Bilibin, Russian Folk, Russian Art, Russian Style, Fungi, Alexander Pushkin, Children's Book Illustration, Art Illustrations, Mushroom Art

MushroomBy Ivan Yakovlevich Bilibin

Tsar Saltan Eavesdropping 1905 | Ivan Bilibin | oil painting #russianpaintings Kay Nielsen, Art Du Temps, William Blake, Ivan Bilibin, Hybrid Art, Russian Folk Art, Russian Painting, Children's Picture Books, Arthur Rackham
Ocean's Bridge Oil Paintings

Tsar Saltan Eavesdropping 1905

Night on the Shores of Lake Ilmen, Ivan Bilibin Russian Folk, Russian Art, Russian Ballet, Robert Bly, Retro Illustration, Ivan Bilibine, Collaborative Art, Art Night, Andrew Archer

Paintings (mostly)

Title:オペラ「サトコ」(リムスキー=コルサコフ作曲)舞台デザイン Design for the opera by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Sadko” Эскиз декораций к опере Николая Римского-Корсакова “Садко” Artist:イワン・ビリービン Ivan Bilibin Иван Билибин