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fear can keep us up all night long, but faith makes one fine pillow. Good Quotes, Me Quotes, Fear Quotes Bible, Quotes About Fear, Quotes About Having Faith, Bible Quotes About Leadership, Worry Bible Verses, Thankful Bible Verses, Quotes For Boys

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Fear can Keep us up all night long, but faith can make us a fine pillow , uplifting bible verse for fear and faith . Dont worry about the problems just have faith in god he will make a way,Famous Bible Verses, Encouragem

Baby in favor of gun control....    Posted by PoolAndSpa.com Inc.  http://www.poolandspa.com/ And Justice For All, Executive Order, Gun Rights, Gun Control, Guns And Ammo, 2nd Amendment, Dumb And Dumber, Food For Thought, Common Sence

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Bitter Clingers Revolt - Pennsylvania Mayor Kicked Out of Office For Signing Up City to Support Bloomberg Gun Ban Initiative.

liberal logic Truth Hurts, It Hurts, Conservative Politics, Conservative Quotes, Pro Life, Liberal Logic, God Bless America, Common Sense, We The People

Expressing your point of view is easy if it doesn't hurt. It's the pain that shows you really care.

more-global-warming Liberal Views, Liberal Hypocrisy, Liberal Logic, Politicians, Liberalism, Conservative Politics, Conservative Quotes, Climate Change, Gender Studies

Yes, create a fake environmental crisis & blame the job creators (manufacturers, oil drillers, etc) & lie about what their company is doing to create global warming.

Or doing anything else violent, destructive in a feeble attempt to make a point. Riots in Baltimore and Ferguson pushing us back into the 1950's before civil rights movement. Pray For America, God Bless America, Political Views, Political Quotes, Tea Party Patriots, Our Country, Liberal Logic, Constitution, Conservative News

Or doing anything else violent, destructive in a feeble attempt to make a point. Riots in Baltimore and Ferguson pushing us back into the before civil rights movement.

Andrew Cuomo - disgusting (again my dad made this) Andrew Cuomo, Respect Life, Socialism, Pro Life, Choose Life, Republican Party, Ny Gov, Christianity, Politicians

Thank God for Andrew Cuomo. His rant Friday night, insisting that people who seek to defend the dignity of human life of the unborn and the sick and elderly are extremists, and are not fit to live in the state of New York is telling.

2016 Democratic Presidentitial Candidates Light Side

2016 Democratic Presidentitial Candidates

Talking of being poor, but Clinton's have taken in over $100 million since leaving the white house. Liberal Logic, Hee Haw, Political Cartoons, Political Satire, Legal Humor, Chelsea Clinton, Drama Queens, Crooked Hillary, Military Humor

During an interview that aired Monday, June Hillary Clinton told ABC News’ Diane Sawyer that when she and Bill had left the White House, they were “dead broke.

#Bring Back Benghazi - Never forget the four Americans who could not make it back home from Benghazi. Obama Twitter, Nigerian Girls, Nigerian School Girls, Bring Back Our Girls, Bring It On, Michelle Obama, Susan Rice, Power Of Social Media, Obama Tweet

Michelle Obama said that she and President Obama had been personally touched by the abduction of Nigerian schoolgirls by terrorists, calling it an “unconscionable” act.