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wedding dress. Love the lace on top. I'm not too crazy about the headpiece though Beauty Guide, Beauty Spa, Headbands, Wedding Crowns, Bridal, Hair Styles, Wedding Accessories, Wedding Dresses, Fashion

Beauty Guide, Beauty Spa, Headbands, Wedding Crowns, Bridal, Hair Styles, Wedding Accessories, Wedding Dresses, Fashion

Creamy Grape Salad. My sister-in-law brought this for Thanksgiving but used purple globe grapes. It was wonderful! It is a keeper! Home Recipes, Potluck Recipes, Dessert Recipes, Potluck Dishes, Easter Recipes, Family Recipes, Grilling Recipes, Thanksgiving Recipes, Summer Recipes

Creamy Grape Salad

20 minutes

Need more potluck salad recipes? Get other potluck salad recipes for your dinner or gathering. Taste of Home has many tasty potluck salad recipes, potluck salads, and potluck salad recipe ideas.

Ever wonder how people make Really Good Macaroni Salad? This is so simple. A few special ingredients make this an amazing recipe!  A summer favorite! Macaroni Salads, Simple Macaroni Salad, Unique Pasta Salad, Classic Macaroni Salad, Best Macaroni Salad, Creamy Pasta Salads, Macaroni Salad With Chicken, Amish Macaroni Salad, Savory Salads

Really Good Macaroni Salad.traditional / old-fashioned macaroni salad made with real mayo and a few special ingredients, that include sweet pickle juice, sugar, and fresh dill. Got to try this with my sweet pickles.

Caramel Apple Salad.  I cannot stand Waldorf, so this would be a great alternative at a BBQ or potluck.  I can see kids loving this! Apple Salad, Salads, Traditional, Christmas

Candy Bar Apple Salad

15 minutes

Apple Salad, Salads, Traditional, Christmas

Frog Eye Salad with crushed pineapple, mandarin orange slices, vanilla pudding, cool whip, mini marshmallows, maraschino cherries and coconut. Salad Recipes, Jello Recipes, Jello Desserts, Just Desserts, Dessert Recipes, Pudding Recipes, Easter Recipes, Candy Recipes, Dessert Ideas

Frog Eye Salad

Frog Eye Salad with crushed pineapple mandarin orange slices vanilla pudding cool whip mini marshmallows maraschino cherries and coconut.

Orange Pineapple Fluff Salad~ 1 (8 oz) can mandarin oranges, drained, 1 (8 oz) can crushed pineapple in juice, undrained, 1 pkg. (3.4 oz) vanilla instant pudding mix, 1 cup mini-marshmallows, ½ cup chopped pecans, 1 ½ cups thawed whipped topping. Jello Recipes, Dessert Recipes, Salad Recipes, Jello Desserts, Pineapple Fluff, Crushed Pineapple, Biscuits, Dessert Salads, Fruit Salads

Orange Pineapple Fluff Salad

1 hour

The perfect family-friendly dish, Orange Pineapple Fluff Salad is the side dish that every dinner table needs. Filled with fruit, mini-marshmallows, and whipped topping, this light salad is both sweet and healthy.

Garden Couscous Salad....I was looking for a colorful salad to serve to guests on Easter Sunday when I found this one, it is a beautiful additon to any buffet table and tastes wonderful , will make again !! Vegetarian Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Healthy Eats, Pasta Recipes, Side Dish Recipes, Side Dishes, Vinaigrette, Couscous Recipes

Garden Couscous

Couscous Salad -- This is ok. I would maybe serve the salad topping on top of the couscous.

SNICKERS SALAD Salad Recipes, Dessert Recipes, Pudding Desserts, Trifle Desserts, Just Desserts, Delicious Desserts, Cool Whip Desserts, Yummy Appetizers, Jello Pie Cool Whip

1 box vanilla instant pudding 1 cup milk 1 container cool whip 8 green apples - diced 6 snickers candy bars - chopped Mix the milk and pudding, fold in cool whip. Let set up in refrigerator for at least 1 hour, add apples and candy bar.

"Orange Stuff"  24 oz. small curd cottage cheese  1 (3 oz.) pkg. orange Jello  1 #2 can crushed pineapple, drained  1 sm. can mandarin oranges, drained  1 sm. carton Cool Whip    Mix together cottage cheese and dry Jello. Add pineapple and oranges. Fold in Cool Whip and chill until served. Mandarin Orange Jello Salad, Orange Jello Salads, Cranberry Jello Salad, Mandarin Oranges, Cranberry Sauce, Orange Juice, Fruit Dishes, Fruit Salads, Desert Salads

Orange Fluff Jello Salad

Orange Fluff Jello Salad Ingredients : 1 large package Cook and Serve vanilla pudding 1 large package orange jell-o 2 cups water 1 16 oz Co.

Creamy Blueberry Gelatin Salad Recipe from Taste of Home Potluck Salad, Dessert Salads, Fruit Salad Recipes, Jello Recipes, Jello Desserts, Jello Salads, Fruit Salads, Just Desserts, Dessert Dishes

Creamy Blueberry Gelatin Salad

30 minutes

Creamy Blueberry Gelatin Salad Recipe -Plump blueberries and a fluffy topping star in this pretty, refreshing salad. My mom's blueberry salad was served at…

Orzo Cheesecake Fruit Salad ~ Great for a picnic or graduation party.  Hint:  Toss banana slices with lemon or orange juice to keep them from turning brown. <3 Fruit Salad Ideas Parties, Fruit Salads, Fruit Salad Recipes, Dessert Recipes, Dessert Salads, Desserts, Brunch Recipes, Dessert Ideas, Banana Slice

Orzo Cheesecake Fruit Salad

30 minutes

Orzo Cheesecake Fruit Salad Recipe -This salad features my favorite fruits, complemented by the creamy pudding mix. It even works as a…

Pineapple Citrus Cream Squares #dessert #recipe #summer Desert Salads, Pineapple Recipes, Lemon Recipes, Easy Desserts, No Bake Desserts, Delicious Desserts, Cold Desserts, Crushed Pineapple, Food Test

Pineapple Citrus Cream Squares

Everything old is new again, and that goes for the gelatin mold. Our no-mold required refreshing and creamy Pineapple Citrus Cream Squares are easy to serve and bring along too!

School House Salad - Including peas, lettuce, carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, and more! Diabetic Salads, Healthy Eating Recipes, Healthy Salads, Diabetic Recipes, Easy Salads, Summer Salads, Healthy Foods, Side Salad, Salad Bar

School House Salad

Remember when they used to say "Eat Your Colors!" in school? Our School House Salad is a layered salad that's bursting with fun and flavorful colors! And since it chills up in the fridge overnight, it's a perfect make-ahead recipe, too!