Eevee evolutions

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Pokemon fake, eevee evolution: Runeon I wish this was real though.---> level up Eevee in a sandy area (beach,desert)

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Zorotomb (Zoroark/Spiritomb*) Dark/Ghost Classification: Shadow Collective FUSEmon Client: Special Ability: Living Mimicry "Transforms into th.E Corp Special: Zorotomb

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Eevee —> Nimbeon Level up Eevee with high friendship during rainy conditions. Artist: Rueme - Looks amazing.

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Eevee —> Misteon Level up Eevee with max happiness in an area with heavy fog. Artist: Rueme (Commissioned for MagicalTrevor). Totally support this as a new Eeveeloution

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Here are eeveelutions that you can use. (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Code, 8 lines) (Hidden Content)

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Eevee –> Soleon Evolves from Eevee when leveled up in a sandstorm. Artist: Rueme (Commissioned for MagicalTrevor)