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Funny italian saying so true xD
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Italian Life Problems ~ When people stare at you like you are crazy for pronouncing mozzarella and ricotta the right way.

My great great Grandfather came from Sicily and fought in world war 1 in order to gain his and his family's status as citizens of the USA. Italian Baby, Italian Girls, Italian Life, Italian Style, Italian Humor, Italian Language, Sicilian, Lucca, Bella Italia

Grandma and Grandpa came through Ellis Island in the late LEGALLY! Before they came, they had to have a sponsor who could sponsor for 7 years, provide a place to live and a job lined up.

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How about "I am Irish and cannot keep calm." (for me) or "I am Spanish and cannot keep calm.) And then there are my poor girls who are both and cannot keep calm.

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To Italian Kids: It's an immediate attitude adjustment. To Italian Kids: It's an immediate attitude adjustment.

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pinner) I have nearly gotten hit in the face many times because I was standing too close to my husband when he was talking to someone, ha!