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#054: aurora    with the new moon on Wednesday and rain forecast for the rest of the week, last night's clear weather had me and a few friends driving out of town for some star trails. were we ever surprised when we saw the Northern Lights this far south!    this was my first time ever seeing them, and it's certainly an experience I'd like to repeat... dressed warmly, and preferably with a thermos of hot chocolate. Beautiful Scenery, Beautiful Sky, Beautiful World, Beautiful Places, Nature Sauvage, Science Nature, Wonders Of The World, Night Skies, Beautiful Pictures

#054: aurora

Aurora Borealis, my mother told me she was born, during the Aurora Borealis. Her middle name was Aurora

Everyone knows that a shooting star is a guaranteed wish on, but it never hurts… Crow Pose, Silhouette Images, Arco Iris, Shooting Stars, Shades Of Blue, Beautiful World, Northern Lights, How Are You Feeling, Reflection

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Arc of a sunset rainbow over Big Stone Beach, Delaware Bay. Beautiful Sky, Beautiful Pictures, Beautiful World, Beautiful Places, Beautiful Scenery, Amazing Photography, Nature Photography, Rainbow Photography, Seen

pôr do sol arco-íris sobre Big Stone Beach, Delaware Bay sunset rainbow over Big Stone Beach, Delaware Bay

Yes.. a beautiful picture of a natural phenomena -- but this is what we need to figure out; how to harness the massive energy by tapping into it.... and our energy problems would be over. A strike like this, it is said -- could power an entire good sized city for a month! Clouds, Blue, Outdoor, Be Still, Outdoors, Outdoor Living, Garden

Clouds, Blue, Outdoor, Be Still, Outdoors, Outdoor Living, Garden

There was a house, half-twisted by a tornado, that stood for at least ten years… Tornados, Thunderstorms, Severe Weather, Extreme Weather, Natural Disasters, Natural Phenomena, Regarde Le Ciel, Eclair Orage, Tornado Pictures

Deadly natural disasters can happen at any moment— earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, fires and especially tornadoes. That's why you have to be prepared.

Travel bucket list: 21 destinations for The Great Escape (Part 7) Cruise Holidays, Royal Caribbean Cruise, Holiday Destinations, Travel Destinations, Natural Wonders, Antelope Canyon, National Parks, Caves, Gadget

Discover our extraordinary Royal Caribbean cruise holiday destinations, sailing from Asia to the Caribbean.

clouds Stratus Cloud, National Geographic Photos, Rain Clouds, Cherry, National Parks, Travel Information, Dentist Appointment, Weather, Sky

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☆ The Icy Pit to Hell - From the Exhibition: "Cropped for Pinterest" -::- Photo from Trey Ratcliff ☆ Beautiful Places To Visit, Places To See, Amazing Places, Beautiful World, Most Beautiful, Amazing Things, Beautiful Things, Amazing Nature Photos, Nature Pics

Exhibition: Cropped for Pinterest - Trey Ratcliff

Ancient theologians (Dante’s cold hell era) thought this Icelandic bottomless icepit was the entrance to hell [OC] by treyratcliff