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I was rewatching steven universe and at one point amethyst dives into the ground and comes out saying "I swallowed a rock" and i just sat there like amethyst is a cannibal ahh Good News, Steven Universe Funny, Amethyst Steven Universe, Bubbline, Lapidot, Pokemon, Universe Art, Cartoon Network, Geek Stuff

You Have Not Heard The Good News Of The Last Bastion Of Hope Known As: SPEEDWAGON!? | Steven Universe

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Steven- " Remember when you use to sing to me." Page 2 Steven Universe Pictures, Steven Universe Funny, Greg Universe, Steven Univese, Sing To Me, Cartoon Network, Anime Manga, Foto E Video, Nerdy


Dear old dad, remember when, you would sing to me, will you do it again?~~

Greg Universe by Ao--hoshi - Steven Universe Greg Universe, Universe Love, Universe Art, Cartoon Network, Vocaloid, Rose Quartz Steven Universe, Fan Art, Star Vs The Forces Of Evil, Anime Manga

Greg Universe by Ao--hoshi on DeviantArt

I bet when Greg dropped out of community college, his parents kicked him out. So he went to go live with his aunt and uncle. Seeing that Greg has the deed to his uncle's mansion, they both died and that's why I have yet to see Steven's grandparents

Steven Universe - Greg Universe x Rose Quartz - Rock Stars Greg Universe, Universe Art, Steven Universe Fan Fusions, Gem Fusions, Fan Art, Lapidot, Star Vs The Forces, Cartoon Network, Adventure Time

Greg/Rose Fusion | Steven Universe

THIS IS PRICELESS!! Rose and Greg fusion! Pretty sure only half-gem-half-humans can fuse with humans, but that's what fanart is for!

Someone who hasn't watched Steven Universe caption this please Steven Universe Theories, Steven Universe Funny, Universe Art, Cartoon Network Shows, Draw The Squad, Peace And Love, My Love, Bubbline, Lapidot

I love her<<<Greg-*points to pearl* u a lesbian *points to garnet* u a lesbian *points to amethyst* u are also a lesbian *points to Steven* UR A BITCH

Greg Universe Silhouette by DedosDeMantequilla on DeviantArt Greg Universe, Steven Universe Memes, Universe Art, Fanart, Steven Universe Wallpaper, Me Anime, Mo S, Star Vs The Forces Of Evil, Thing 1

Greg Universe Silhouette by DedosDeMantequilla on DeviantArt

Well... you ask for him, and here he is, just like a comet!! Mr. Universe!! :3… ... Greg Universe Silhouette