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“SOME MORE DRESSES FOR SOME LOVELY PEOPLE~ Moonthorn's Niala, Yakugami's Tanefrun and @EnsuhArt 's Fidel”

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Hey! This is my personal blog, for art, fandoms, memes, and etc. please let me know if you need posts and/or reblogs tagged!Check the links below for stuff! msbcommissions@gmail.com [ ASK ] terms of service (other artists you can commission!) --- --- --- ---

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Hello ! I'm a French artist. Expect Warcraft, Transformers and cute animals ! check out my Originals characters !


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??? by sootmeal on DeviantArt

honestly now that i look at this i only uploaded this bc of the tit and the nice arms. quality ???

Yssana Gloomstar by YourImaginaryTwin on DeviantArt

My character from World of Warcraft, Yssana Gloomstar, a Void Elf monk Did this while on a trip to the beach with friends (: I was just doodling mindles... Yssana Gloomstar

my wow chracter kim bi nu by SiaKim on DeviantArt

long time ago my WOW charcater my wow chracter kim bi nu

Janajin's Greeting by Quarter-Virus on DeviantArt

Unfortunately due to my harddrive’s failure I lost the adorable screenshots of these two snuggled together. However, Janajin is still very happy t... Janajin's Greeting

Jaded Retribution by draken4o on DeviantArt

WoW characters portrait Jaded Retribution