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How do Time Lords jump so high?

Post with 217 views. How do Time Lords jump so high?

Because every Doctor Who board needs to have a gif of a dancing weeping angel. Finally, a weeping angel that didn't terrify me! Doctor Who, 11th Doctor, Serie Doctor, Fandoms, Don't Blink, David Tennant, Dr Who, Superwholock, Bad Wolf

Things a Whovian should do

What does it take to be a Whovian? What are the things a Whovian should do before their life ends?...

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It Only Has So Much Power

It Only Has So Much Power - All Time Lord, All the Time

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What it's like to be the next Doctor |

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How Sherlock Pulled Off Reichenbach Falls

How Sherlock Pulled Off Reichenbach Falls - All Time Lord, All the Time