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17 Best Ideas For Drawing Mermaid Cartoon Art Character Design Cartoon, Character Design References, Character Art, Cartoon Design, Doodle Drawing, Drawing Sketches, Art Drawings, Mermaid Sketch, Mermaid Drawings

Abby's art

My name is Abigail L. Dela Cruz "hyamei". Welcome to my art blog! For brushes/program questions, please refer to: http://abbydraws.tumblr.com/faq You can contact me at abi.delacruz72 (at) gmail.com...

Résultat d’images pour female action poses Action Pose Reference, Figure Drawing Reference, Animation Reference, Art Reference Poses, Action Poses, Anatomy Reference, Gesture Drawing, Drawing Base, Anatomy Drawing

Forja de Vida

nargyle: “ I couldn’t think of anything to draw today so I’m just gonna promote violence physical fitness k. ”

Anatomy Drawing Tutorial Drawing Gestures and Poses by Elixiroverdose – Animation Mentor Support Center - Body Drawing, Drawing Base, Figure Drawing, Anatomy Drawing, Character Design Cartoon, Character Drawing, Drawing Reference Poses, Hand Reference, Gesture Drawing Poses

Drawing Gestures and Poses by Elixiroverdose

While it may not be the most detailed tutorial on gesture drawing, I found this tutorial by Elixiroverdose to be helpful in inspiring me...

Search 'YCH sexy' on DeviantArt - Discover The Largest Online Art Gallery and Community Body Reference Drawing, Anime Poses Reference, Drawing Skills, Drawing Techniques, Manga Poses, Anime Drawing Styles, Poses References, Art Poses, Drawing Base

YCH: Bunny Girl Designs [CLOSED] by NovaReeee on DeviantArt

Final update: the auction is now closed! I hope to do more of these in the future, thank you for those who are interested! To those who won, I will note... YCH: Bunny Girl Designs [CLOSED]

Figure Drawing Tutorial Nsio explains: Dynamism by Nsio on DeviantArt - Drawing Reference Poses, Drawing Poses, Drawing Tips, Drawing Sketches, Art Drawings, Comic Drawing, Drawing Artist, Drawing Ideas, Body Drawing

Line of Action - Mickey's Christmas Carol

The line of action is a key ingredient to making your character’s poses look more dynamic. As shown in this post, the position and posture ...

Ungoliantschilde — some old pencil sketches by Kris Anka. Figure Drawing Reference, Art Reference Poses, Drawing Sketches, Art Drawings, Poses References, Anime Poses, Art Poses, Character Drawing, Character Design Inspiration

kevin wada illustration

kristaferanka: “ these around about 3 years old at this point i think. 2-3 years. they are so bad haha. god. i was doing these once a day for a daily drawing sketchbook i was going to do, which i...

Easy Drawing - “Our next feature tutorial for - Art Sketches Drawing Reference Poses, Drawing Poses, Drawing Tips, Drawing Sketches, Drawing Expressions, Digital Art Tutorial, Art Poses, Drawing Techniques, Art Tips

EtheringtonBrothers on Twitter

“Our next feature tutorial for #FridayFundamentals is this BRILLIANT set of tips on putting LIFE into your poses by Lomonte on tumblr! These four simple tricks, so well illustrated here, are ESSENTIAL! #gamedev #animationdev #characterdesign #animation #howtodraw #drawingtutorial”

캐릭터 디자인 Piercing t doggs piercing prices Character Creation, Character Concept, Character Art, Concept Art, Manga Art, Anime Art, Poses References, Anime Poses, Art Reference Poses

モグモ on Twitter

“久々にこの子描きました.. 設定は↓のような感じです トコシエ7号 怪獣を操る人類の敵。 刀が好きすぎて肌身離さず持ち歩いており、良く抜き身で触っているので傷が絶えない。 刀で戦うわけではない。 という色んな意味で痛々しい子。すき。”

Wonderful Learn To Draw People The Female Body Ideas. Mesmerizing Learn To Draw People The Female Body Ideas. Human Figure Drawing, Figure Drawing Reference, Art Reference Poses, Gesture Drawing, Drawing Base, Character Drawing, Character Design, Art Sketches, Art Drawings

アニメ私塾 on Twitter

“◉肩腰の表現力=画力 肩腰の難しさは一生かかるほどだと思う。 新人は元よりヘボいキャラデまで肩腰はほとんど画力をはかるリトマス試験紙。 スカートの中身が謎ゾーン。襟周り肩周辺も洋服でとりあえず誤魔化す。 また動きも主に肩腰の変化で表現できる。”