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I believe producing and harnessing biogas is definitely something all homesteaders and folks wanting to live off-the-grid should seriously look into and consider. This DIY biogas generator produces enough gas each day for cooking, providing you can top it Renewable Energy, Solar Energy, Solar Power, Wind Power, Homestead Survival, Survival Prepping, Urban Survival, Survival Skills, Emergency Planning

Make a Biogas Generator to Produce Your Own Natural Gas | MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Transform grass clippings, food waste and livestock manure into renewable biogas energy with a homemade biogas generator.

Water Storage made simple. Collapsible Bladder TanksYou can find Water storage and more on our website.Water Storage made simple. Homestead Survival, Camping Survival, Survival Prepping, Survival Skills, Zombie Survival Gear, Doomsday Survival, Survival Shelter, Survival Stuff, Urban Survival

Collapsible Bladder Tank for Fuel and Water Storage

GEI Works' water bladder tank selection offers tanks for drinking water storage, wastewater storage, and fuel storage. Each bladder tank is made in the USA.

HowStuffWorks Growing Algae for Biodiesel Use With the global food crisis, some people feel that using food to make biofuel just doesn't make sense. Could algae be a solution? How could algae possibly fuel cars and even airplanes? Alternative Energie, Alternative Fuel, Renewable Energy, Solar Energy, Solar Power, Diy Solar, Off The Grid, Grand Popo, Technology

How Algae Biodiesel Works

Many people are interested in algae biodiesel as a green fuel. Learn all about algae biodiesel and how researchers make biodiesel from algae.

Organic Waste comes in on the left and Bio-Fertilizer to the right. In the middle of the process you get BIO GAS to use to fuel your stove. Biomass Energy, Renewable Energy, Earthship, Biogas Generator, Septic Tank, Energy Technology, Technology Design, Off The Grid, Green Building

biogas, yes I know it's in Spanish (I can read it) I pinned it to look up more information on it later though, not to show off or anything.

Biodigestor                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais Waste To Energy, Heat Energy, Save Energy, Biomass Energy, Renewable Energy, Solar Energy, Earthship, Biogas Generator, Alternative Energie

Postado Especial de Permacultura - Special Post of Permaculture

T3ponto0 Permacultura é a cultura de permanência, é resiliência humana por meio do manejo dos ecossistemas ambientais, das hortas-ma...

Cómo un biodigestor convierte basura en energía - weihnachten,lustige Bilder, Landwirtschaft und mehr Biomass Energy, Renewable Energy, Earthship, Heat Energy, Sewage System, Water Waste, Septic Tank, Water Systems, Plumbing Fixtures

Tipos de biodigestores y aplicaciones

Conoce los diferentes tipos de biodigestores. Aprende sobre sus aplicaciones, las diferencias principales entre los diseños, ventajas y desventajas.

BIODIGESTOR P/7 PERS. Heat Energy, Save Energy, Biogas Generator, Compact Laundry, Energy News, Black Water, Off The Grid, Sustainable Architecture, Alternative Energy


Tinacos, Aquatank, Septitank y H2O: tanques de agua domiciliarios; cisternas, cámaras sépticas y biodigestores para el agro e industria

Picture of Hydroxy Gas Generator Hydrogen Car, Hydrogen Generator, Zero Point Energy, Diy Generator, Power Generator, Energy Storage, Solar Power System, Renewable Energy, Save Energy

Hydroxy Gas Generator

Hydroxy Gas Generator: YES, you can melt rock, fuse glass and even boost an I.C.E. ... no Cyril not the ice in a fridge, an Internal Combustion Engine.But first you'll have to toss out the schoolboy experiments with carbon rods and paper clips dipped in saline or baking...

 Biogas can be created in the back yard and produce enough gas to power a stove for cooking. Thanks to simple concepts and open-source technology more people are harnessing natural gas rather than buying propane in tanks. Biogas Generator, Diy Generator, Homemade Generator, Propane Powered Generator, Off Grid, Solar Energy Projects, Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Living, Green Building

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Biogas Generator. Biogas can be created in the back yard and produce enough gas to power a stove for cooking. Thanks to simple concepts and open-source technology more people are harnessing natural gas rather than buying propane in tanks. The uses of biogas are endless but creating energy from waste products can help whole communities pull the plug on imports of fuel for home use.