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Alex Karev: Read the chart. Meredith Grey: D-C-P-I. Alex: You're blind! Meredith: Shut up! Alex: Can you even see me? And you look like a real moron. Grey's Anatomy quotes I love Meredith.

Summer and colors are deeply associated and with a horde of different colors on your nails, it would look like the perfect summer. This is among the best summer nail art designs and colors you can choose to have. They can be done in a lot of variety and w

The look on Damon's face every time he sees Elena❤️😍❤️

Elena - Katherine - Amara -Tatia. The bitch who had no choice but we love her for that because now we get the Mikaelson's for eternity.

The Vampire Diaries Elena,Katherine & Amara "The girl who died for love, the girl who ran from love, the girl who suffered for love"