Juan Elias Javier: Tecnología Manos Biónicas Lista Para Salir a la Venta

The bebionic fully articulating myo-electric prosthetic hand from RSLSteeper (Kent, UK) has been officially launched at the International Society for Prost

Juan Elias Javier: Tecnología Arbol Solar USB Cargador Movil

USB Solar Charger Tree can charge most known mobile phones and any USB interfacing digital devices. The solar tree can be recharged through direct sunlight or AC power. It's elegant, environmentally-friendly, and versatile solar charging gadget.

Juan Elias Javier: Ideas Tecnológicas para Móviles y Mas

NYC To Install Free Cellphone-Charging 'Street Charge' Stations -- A clever solar-powered concept will be installed across NYC starting this week, through a partnership with solar company Goal Zero and AT.

Juan Elias Javier: La Primera Cámara Android con Conexión a Internet y Redes Sociales

Nikon Reveals The Android-Powered Coolpix Its First Camera With An Identity Crisis

Juan Elias Javier: Compartir en Google Plus Mis Post

Juan Elias Javier: Compartir en Google Plus Mis Post

Juan Elias Javier: La Tecnología Avanza Ojo Biónico Para Restaurar la Vista

Prediction: Eye Prosthesis Implant Can Cure Millon Retinitis Pigmentosa Macular Degeneration Suffers



Juan Elias Javier: Un Accesorios Tecnológico para la Cámara de Tu Smartphone

Mobi-Lens:Universal fit for iPhone, Androids, tablets &