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A selection of coat racks & coat hangers made from repurposed pallets. If you want to give a nice rustic touch to your entrance, a pallet coat rack is what you…
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a wooden shelf with two shelves on top of it and an image of a snake painted on the wall
Pallet Bathroom Towel Shelf • 1001 Pallets
Distressed pallet shelf with a hint of green to match my teenager’s limes green bathroom decor. #Bathroom, #Painted, #PalletShelves, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
an old crate turned into a shoe rack
Pallet Shoe Rack & Seat • 1001 Pallets
The potential outcomes of practical stuff and furniture out of bed wood are ceaseless. You can demand anything you can think of out of bed wood for a comfortable style on a financial plan like bed seats, couch casings, and tables. Today we have outlined a DIY mini pallet shoe rack from pallets that have … Read More » #Entrance, #Lobby, #PalletSeat, #PalletShoesRack, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
a living room filled with furniture and a book shelf next to a large open window
Reclaimed Pallet Shelves • 1001 Pallets
I made these shelves to fit under the window in my living room. It took a long time and involved breaking up about five old pallets, sanding each part and screwing it all together. I’m just waiting for a sunny day to take them outside to stain them. #LivingRoom, #PalletShelves, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
there are many different tools on the shelf
Cordless Tool Dock Made Out Of Repurposed Pallet • 1001 Pallets
This was a handy idea I found on Pinterest, and as we have a few cordless tools, I decided to make one myself. I used ONLY scrap pallet wood and a scrap bit of counter-top I got as a free item too. See the link provided if you want actual measurements. I simply adjusted it … Read More » #Garage, #Garden, #RecyclingWoodPallets, #Storage, #Wood #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
several different types of storage boxes with the words, beautiful storage solutions for any room using pallets
Pallet Closet Shelving Adds Flexible Storage! • 1001 Pallets
Add lots of storage on a shoestring budget with a set of Pallet Closet Shelving. This simple project will allow flexible organization options for clothes, shoes, linens and more! Add flexible storage in any room with Pallet Closet Shelving! I used 7 EPAL pallets for this set of shelves. First, I dismantled the pallets using a hammer … Read More » #Bedroom, #Closet #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
multiple shots of a wooden ladder with shelves on it
Pallet Stair Shelf • 1001 Pallets
A nice decorating wall shelf for your living room with a stair shape to display all your trinkets. A great looking shelf that will give a shabby Chic (in other terms rustic & vintage) touch in your interior, I’m pretty sure it could perfectly fit in a modern interior :) #Design, #PalletDecoration, #PalletShelves, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers, #PalletStaircases
a kitchen counter with two wooden trays on top of it next to a window
Pallet Bottles Rack / Shelf • 1001 Pallets
Pallet bottles rack / shelf with an extension for candles. #LivingRoom, #PalletFurniture, #PalletShelves, #PalletWineRack, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
two wine glasses sitting on top of a wooden shelf filled with bottles and liquors
Another Pallet Wine Rack • 1001 Pallets
To build this pallet wine rack, I’ve used only one pallet, some chicken wire, polyurethane and LED lights. And Voila! #PalletLight, #PalletWineRack, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers, #PalletStore,BarRestaurantDecorations
two pairs of red and white shoes are sitting on a wooden shelf in front of a blue wall
Pallet Shoe Rack • 1001 Pallets
This shoe rack can be easily expanded to hold more shoes. I used pallet board to make the shelves and braces for the shelves. #Entrance, #Lobby, #PalletShoesRack, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
a living room filled with furniture and a lamp
Pallet Floating Shelf Display • 1001 Pallets
My creative design of a floating shelf wall displays made from repurposed pallet. #LivingRoom, #PalletShelves, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
a dog laying on the floor in front of a book shelf
Pallet Bookshelf / Bibilotheque En Palette • 1001 Pallets
Sanded and refurbished pallet into a little bookshelf. Palette poncée et un peu retapée. #LivingRoom, #PalletBookcase, #PalletBookshelf, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletBookcasesBookshelves, #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
a shelf with candles and figurines on it that says love, bedroom pallet ferry shelf
Bedroom Pallet Ferry Shelf • 1001 Pallets
To build this bedroom pallet ferry shelf, I used only one wood pallet and let my imagination kick in! The stain was handmade and I used white water-based to get a whitewash effect thereafter I sealed it. #Bedroom, #PalletShelves, #PalletWallDecor, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletHomeDécorIdeas, #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
the shoe rack is made out of wood
Shoes Shelf from Pallets • 1001 Pallets
Shoe rack made entirely of recycled wooden pallets. I also add some old barn wood. Étagère à chaussures faites entièrement avec du bois de palette recyclé. J’ai aussi rajouter du bois de grange. #Entrance, #Lobby, #PalletCabinet, #PalletShelves, #PalletShoesRack, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
a wooden wall mounted to the side of a white building with hooks and knobs on it
Porte Manteaux En Palette / Pallet Coat Rack • 1001 Pallets
Everything was recovered, pallet wood as well the hangers. Tout a été récuperé, bois de palette ainsi que les portants. #Entrance, #Lobby, #PalletCoatRacksHangers, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
the instructions for how to make a diy bookcase
Diy: Pallet Bookcase Headboard • 1001 Pallets
Do you want a nice and handy pallet headboard with open bookcase? #PalletBookcase, #PalletBookshelf, #PalletHeadboard #PalletBeds,PalletHeadboardsFrames, #PalletBookcasesBookshelves, #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
there is a wine glass next to a rack with wine glasses on it and the words build a pallet wine rack
Stately Wine Rack Using Pallet Wood/ Porte Bouteilles En Palettes • 1001 Pallets
With two pallets and one weekend, I built this Stately Wine Rack! This project looks super left natural, but stain or paint it to suit your decor. Build a stately wine rack using pallet wood and save money to buy more (or more expensive) wine! Porte bouteilles en palettes, fait avec deux palettes et réaliser … Read More » #PalletWineRack, #Wine #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
a red book shelf with books on it and a tv in the corner behind it
Pallet Bookcase/Table • 1001 Pallets
I made this pallet base for a friend and she suddenly moved abandoning her belongings. I redid the base to my liking (originally designed by her preference) then added a Canadian pallet table top that I had been trying to decide on the base. I also added wheels for easy mobility with weight! #PalletBookcase, #PalletBookshelf, #PalletTable #PalletBookcasesBookshelves, #PalletDesksPalletTables, #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
a coat rack with several coats hanging on it
Coat Rack Made From Recycled Pallet & Plumbing • 1001 Pallets
So being a 24 year old on a strict budget and in desperate need of a coat rack. Primarily because I was tired of my coats and sweaters always hanging around the love seat, bed, chairs, etc… I choose to rummage through some of the old plumbing materials that where no longer good at the … Read More » #Entrance, #Lobby, #PalletBed, #PalletCoatRacksHangers, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
a wooden wine rack with two bottles and a corkscrew
Simple Pallet Wine / Stemware Rack • 1001 Pallets
This Simple Pallet Wine / Stemware Rack was very easy to do. And, in only just two hours, I had this ready to hang on my wall. I think it would make a lovely housewarming gift, too. Simple Pallet Wine / Stemware Rack: First, I glued three pallet boards together, clamped them and let them … Read More » #PalletShelves, #PalletWineRack, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletBars, #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
a wooden crate sitting on top of a hard wood floor
Multi-purpose Pallet Shelf For Computer Equipment • 1001 Pallets
A multi-purpose shelf for computer equipment is made to accommodate computer equipment such as laptops, speakers, printers, etc. Its height is 90 cm, width 50 cm, depth 55 cm. It is made of two ordinary palettes, treated with a sander and sandpaper, and then painted with ecological water-based paint. It is then varnished with acrylic … Read More » #OfficeFurniture, #PalletCabinet, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
several pictures of wooden shelves with letters and numbers hanging on the side of each shelf
Coat Rack Made from Upcycled Pallet Wood • 1001 Pallets
Coat rack made from recycled pallet wood. The wall is lined with vintage panels. The coat rack hooks are mounted on pieces of pallet wood where the letters “coat rack” sawn out. The Cabinet above the coat rack is equipped with a valve with a piano hinge. It can use to store away scarves and … Read More » #Entrance, #Lobby, #PalletCoatRacksHangers, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
there are mugs and cups hanging on the wall
Pallet Coffee Cup Holder • 1001 Pallets
Coffee cups multiply when they sit in a dark cupboard. Make your own Pallet Coffee Cup Holder and you can store the extras or display your favorite ones! How to build your own Pallet Coffee Cup Holder: First, create a frame by attaching four deck boards to two deck boards running the opposite direction. The … Read More » #Kitchen, #PalletDecoration, #PalletShelves, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
there is a skateboard that is on top of a rack in the room with other things
Pallet Skateboard Decks Rack • 1001 Pallets
Rack for skateboard decks made from one recycled pallet. #PalletDeck, #PalletRack, #RecyclingWoodPallets, #Skateboard #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
a white shelf with books made out of ordinary wood pallets in front of a red wall
White Wall Shelf With Hooks Made Of Ordinary Wood Pallets • 1001 Pallets
This wall shelf is made of two ordinary wooden pallets. The pallets were disassembled using pliers and hammers. Then, the parts were cut to measure with an ordinary hand saw. The wood is processed by hand, sander, and sandpaper. Parts of the shelf are connected with ordinary wood screws. The shelf is painted with acrylic … Read More » #Kitchen, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
a wooden wine rack with a bottle hanging from it's side on the wall
6 Bottle Wine Rack & Glass Holder • 1001 Pallets
Wine rack made from a single type of pallet wood, pressure glued and nailed. #Kitchen, #PalletWineRack, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
three pictures of different types of wood and various parts to make it look like they are being built
Pallet Wall Shelf, Made from Pallets and Scrap Wood • 1001 Pallets
It takes about 3 hours to make, using a router, a table saw planer and a sander. #PalletShelves, #PalletWall, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
the pallet love wall art is made out of wood
Spell Out Your Love: Pallet Love Wall Art • 1001 Pallets
LOVE is gentle, LOVE is kind, LOVE does not envy… except when you see this hanging in someone’s home. #PalletHomeAccessories, #PalletWallArt, #RecyclingWoodPallets #DIYPalletTutorials, #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers, #PalletWallDecorPalletPainting
a bench made out of wooden boards with metal hooks on it's back end
Rustic 6-foot Tall Pallet Hall Tree / Bench • 1001 Pallets
Custom barn door hall tree. Real antlers embellished the top as coat hangers and a small storage in the seat. #Entrance, #PalletBenches, #PalletCoatRacksHangers, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletBenches,PalletChairsStools, #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
there are three pictures of the inside of a house with construction materials hanging on it
Custom Pallet Hanger For The Entrance • 1001 Pallets
Perfect coat hanger for travelers – bicycle parts, ski bindings and a repurposed pallet! #Entrance, #Lobby, #PalletCoatRacksHangers, #PalletHanger, #PalletShelves, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
two pictures of a room with shelves and a laptop
Pallet Shelves • 1001 Pallets
Simple pallet shelves for my office. Love the rendering! #OfficeFurniture, #PalletFurniture, #PalletShelves, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
four different pictures of wooden shelves with flowers in the center and on the other side, there is a potted plant
Mirror Shelf With Pallet • 1001 Pallets
Wall shelf made out of discarded pallets, nicely repurposed! Voici une étagère murale fabriquée en bois de palette. #Bedroom, #PalletMirror, #PalletShelves #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers, #PalletWallDecorPalletPainting
two pictures side by side one has a shoe rack and the other has a bench made out of pallets
Pallet Shoe Rack • 1001 Pallets
A place to store the shoes near the entry when people arrive with this shoe rack made from upcycled wooden pallets. #Entrance, #Lobby, #PalletCoatRacksHangers, #PalletShoesRack, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
three pictures of wood with metal handles on them
Making Coat Racks with Pallet Wood • 1001 Pallets
Searching on the web, I found these very nice pallet coat racks and made them myself. They are very easy to do, it only takes a few hours. I had fun making different shapes and styles, and I really liked to use the oil finish instead of varnish because I like the natural look of … Read More » #Entrance, #Lobby, #PalletCoatRacksHangers, #RecyclingWoodPallets, #Wood #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
some wood sticks are hanging on the wall
Pallets Yard Hanger • 1001 Pallets
A few diagonal cuts, a little angle arrangement, some forks instead of ordinary hangers and of course, a little burning and protective satin oil … That’s all! #PalletCoatRacksHangers, #PalletDecoration, #PalletHanger, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
a living room filled with furniture and a plant on top of a wooden coffee table
Design One-pallet Shelf / Etagère En Palettes • 1001 Pallets
I’ve built this pallet shelf to display my collection of motorcycle miniatures out of one single recycled wood pallet. My goal was to give it a design shape different of what could be seen in general. I’m pretty happy with the final result and now I can expose all my collection motorcycle miniatures in my … Read More » #LivingRoom, #PalletShelves, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
pallet shelves with the words diy pallet ideas and pictures above them in blue
Pallet Shelves • 1001 Pallets
I and my husband made these pallet shelves! #PalletShelves, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
a room filled with lots of wooden shelves and plants on top of each shelf in front of a mirror
Pallet Shelves • 1001 Pallets
Shelves entirely made from recycled wooden pallets. Meuble étagère réalisé en palettes recyclées. #PalletShelves, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
an old bookcase with shoes on it and a fan in the corner next to it
Pallet Shoe Racks • 1001 Pallets
Household shoe racks made from upcycled pallets. #PalletCoatRacksHangers, #PalletShelves, #PalletShoesRack, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers
two wooden shelves with pictures and bottles on them
Upcycled Pallet Shelving • 1001 Pallets
I made this shelf by removing some of the wood from the front of the pallet and fixing it to the back, I didn’t bother sanding it down and used a wood stain. I left a couple of the nails in as hooks. Everyone loves it, I like it because it’s different! :) #Kitchen, #PalletShelves, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletShelvesPalletCoatHangers